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Socio-political situation in Ukraine: February – March, 2016

Main resukts: All-Ukrainian union “Batkivshchyna” is a leader of party ranking in the elections to Verkhovna Rada. It is followed by the parties “Opozytsiinyi block”, “Block Petra Poroshenka”, “Samopomich”, and Radical party.

Y.Tymoshenko and P. Poroshenko are the leaders in the Presidential rating. In case of the second round Y.Tymoshenko would receive more votes than P.Poroshenko.

Majority of the population think the government leads Ukraine in wrong direction. Also the majority of the population think that socio-economical situation in Ukraine has become worse over the last two years. People blame it mostly on the Prime Minister and the President.

Is automobile a luxury?

 “Automobile is not a luxury, it is a means of transport”, - this quote of Ostap Bender is still actual. However, in modern Ukraine the availability of such means of transport as automobile is a distant dream for many Ukrainians.

The results showed that vast majority of households in Ukraine does not has cars – 74%. Only a quarter of all respondents appeared to be owners of automobile (24.5%), almost 96% of them have only one car
Attitude of the population of Kirovohrad toward the renaming of the city: April, 2016
Main results: almost whole population of the city knows about the urge to rename the city. Vast majority of them do not support this initiative. Amongst the possible variants of the city name most people vote for “Kirovohrad”. If there were no such option as “Kirovohrad” in the list of variants, most citizens (55%) would vote for “Yelysavetgrad”. Option “Kropyvnytskyi” would be chose by 8%.
Ставлення українців до державних свят

Дослідження показало, що загалом українці ставляться до свят з любов‘ю та повагою, лише 2% опитаних  не ставляться до яких-небудь офіційних свят, як до важливих або улюблених.

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