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"Humanitarian card of Donbass ". The results of the next wave of research

June 23 the results of the next wave of the KIIS study commissioned by "Dopomogemo TV" on the needs of the residents of Donbass "Humanitarian card of Donbass" were presented.

The presentation was attended by the general director of KIIS V.Paniotto and fellow KIIS D.Pirogova.

What integration direction should Ukraine choose: referendum concerning joining the Customs Union, the European Union or NATO (May 2015)

According to the results of the survey conducted at the end of May 2015, the absolute majority of the Ukrainian population don’t support idea that Ukraine should choose joining the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan: If the referendum concerning the joining of Ukraine the Customs Union had taken place at the end of May 2015, 58,8% would have voted against the joining, and 18,6% for the joining. The rest 24,7% wouldn't have decided or wouldn’t have taken part in the voting.

Ukrainians are losing confidence in the media - a study by KIIS and the NGO "Telekritika"
June 30, a round table, organized by NGO "Telekritika" together with the Kiev International Institute of Sociology was held.
They were released the results of the survey of KIIS "Public attitudes towards the media, propaganda and mediareform during the conflict", which was commissioned by NGO "Telekritika."

On Monday, July 20 at 14.30 in information agencies room of UNIAN (Khreschatyk Str., 4) will be held a KIIS press conference on "Socio-political orientation of Ukraine's population, July 2015".

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