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Presentation of the results: Corruption practices in Ukraine: perception vs real experience of citizens

How extensive is the corruption problem in Ukraine? What percentage of the population is involved in corrupt dealings? Which institution is the most corrupt, and which ones have decreasing levels of corruption? Who is responsible for combating corruption, and how active are the citizens themselves? Answers to these and a number of other questions related to a research into corruption issues were presented on 27 January at a public discussion titled “Corruption practices in Ukraine: perception VS real experience of citizens”. 

Presentation of data on research of corruption in Ukraine, Odesa (Video)
"More than 76% of population of Odesa region faces corruption at least once year". KIIS Executive Director Natalia Kharchenko presented the results of KIIS research in Odesa.
Presentation of data on research of corruption in Ukraine, Sumy (Video)

How widespread is the problem of corruption in Sumy region and how is it perceived by the citizens of the region?
Who is the "leader" of corruption practices in the region and which spheres are, vice versa, the least corrupted?
Who is believed to be responsible for the fight against corruption in Sumy region and what is the extent of civic engagement?
See these and other questions being discussed in the "Real politics with Oleksandr Khoruzhenko" with the participation of KIIS Deputy Director Viktoria Zakhozha.

Презентація в Краматорську даних дослідження щодо стану корупції в Україні

8 лютого, в Антикризовому медіа-центрі міста Краматорська відбулася презентація та публічна дискусія, присвячена дослідженню проблем корупції в Україні та її суспільній оцінці.
Дослідження було проведено Київським міжнародним інститутом соціології (КМІС), д
ані презентувала науковий співробітник КМІС Дарина Пирогова.

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