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Social-political situation in Ukraine: September 2015

Main results:

  • «Block Poroshenko» and «Batkivshchyna» are the leaders in the rating of parties on the election in the Verkhovna Rada and in local authorities, followed by «Samopomich» and «Opposition block».

  • After the election of 2014 the rating of «Narodnyi front» has decreased the most. «Block Poroshenko» and «Samopomich» showed growth at the beginning but later decreased and returned to the level of the election of 2014. A rating «Batkivshchyna» has decreased in comparison with July 2015 but significantly is higher in comparison with the election of 2014.

  • P. Poroshenko is a leader in the presidential rating (25%), Y. Tymoshenko is on the second place (20%), other candidates have less than 9%.

  • Most of the Ukrainian population negatively evaluates the activity of P. Poroshenko as President and A. Yatsenyuk as Prime Minister.

  • Most people consider that solving conflict in the Eastern Ukraine is possible through the peaceful negotiations. At the same time, the majority of the population doesn’t believe in Minsk agreements, don’t believe that they are performed and believe that «the Russian leadership will not contribute to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements».

From 17 to 27 September 2015 the Kyiv international Institute of sociology (KIIS) by order of the client conducted all-Ukrainian poll of public opinion. 2041 respondents were interviewed by means of personal interviews living in 110 localities in all regions of Ukraine (except Crimea) for 4-stage stochastic sampling with quota selection at the last stage that is representative of the Ukrainian population aged 18 years and older.

In Lugansk and Donetsk regions survey was conducted only on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.


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