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Attitude of the citizens of Ukraine and Russia to Stalin

Press release by Liana Novikova

Press release of Levada Center can be viewed at this link.

On February 5-21, 2018, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) conducted its own all-Ukrainian public opinion poll. Data were collected from 2043 respondents living in 110 settlements in all oblasts of Ukraine (except for the AR of Crimea) with the method of personal interviewing. The sample was stochastic, and it is representative of the population of Ukraine aged 18 and above. In Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts survey was conducted only in the territories that are controlled by the Ukrainian government.

The statistical sampling error (with a probability of 0.95 and for a design effect of 1.5) does not exceed: 3.3% — for indexes close to 50%, 2.8% — for indexes close to 25%, 2.0% — for indexes close to 10%, 1.4% — for indexes close to 5%.

“Levada-Center” conducted the poll in Russia on March 23-27, 2018, with the method of personal interviewing, with the sample of 1600 people aged 18 and above, living in 136 settlementsthat
  • Among the Ukrainians, the negative attitude toward Stalin is prevalent in general - 42% regard him with the hostility, fear or hatred, 30% are indifferent and 14% have a positive attitude (with respect, sympathy or admiration).
  • 28% of the population think agrees that Stalin was “a wise governor” (52% disagree with this), while 77% agree that Stalin is “a cruel, inhuman tyrant who is guilty of killing millions of innocent people”. Also, 60% of the population said that they do NOT believe that "our people will never be able to move on without a leader of the same type as Stalin, who will come and bring order." Three-quarters of the respondents indicated that they would not like to live and work in the country where the leader is someone like Stalin.
  • The Ukrainians are much worse about Stalin than the Russians (citizens of Russia). While % of the Ukrainians have a positive attitude to Stalin, in Russia these amount is almost three times bigger - 40%. Also, 28% of the Ukrainians and 58% of the Russians consider Stalin to be the wise leader who led the USSR to prosperity; the need for a leader of such type as Stalin feel 23 % of the Ukrainians and 33% of the Russians; also, 77% of the Ukrainians and only 44% of the Russians consider him to be a cruel, inhuman tyrant.



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