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Electoral intentions of voters in Ukraine: mid-September, 2012

KIIS conducted nationwide poll during the period of September 12–23, 2012. 2,012 respondents were interviewed; the survey covered all regions of Ukraine (including the city of Kyiv) and Crimea; sample was random and representative for all the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older. Questionnaire and all results belong to AlphaVu.

Statistical sampling error (probability 0.95 and the design-effect 1.5) does not exceed
3.3% in index close to 50%,
2,8% — index close to 25%,
2,0% — index close to 10%,
1,4% — index close to 5%.

If the parliamentary elections were held in mid-September, the results of the survey show that 69% of voters of Ukraine would participate. The biggest number of supporters would belong to the following parties and organizations:

  • Party of Regions — 23.0%; Party "UDAR" headed by Vitaliy Klychko — 15.9%; Ukrainian Nationwide Coalescing "Batkivschyna" — 12.2%; Communist Party of Ukraine — 8.1%;
  • The following two places in the top list would be taken by the following parties: Ukrainian Nationwide Coalescing "Svoboda" — 3.4%; the party "Ukraine, go ahead!" headed by Natalie Korolevska — 2.6%;
  • Another political force would get not less than one percent of supporters. It is Radical Party headed by Oleg Liashko with their 1.1%.
According to other survey results, the greatest voters’ concern still touches questions of improvement of economy, creating new jobs and political stability in the country.


Application 1

The question concerning the parliamentary elections was set as follows:

If parliamentary elections were held today and you would have to make a choice, which one of the parties below would you vote for?

Distribution of responses to the question above is as follows:

  % of all respondents aged 18 and older % of voters who were ready to participate in the mid-September
Party of Regions 23,0 33,3
«UDAR» headed by Vitaliy Klychko 15,9 23,0
UNC «Batkivschyn» 12,2 17,7
Communist Party of Ukraine 8,1 11,7
UNC «Svoboda» 3,4 5,0
«Ukraine, go ahead!» 2,6 3,7
Radical Party 1,1 1,6
Socialistic Party of Ukraine 0,9 1,3
«Our Ukraine» 0,8 1,2
Party «Greens» 0,5 0,7
Other 0,5 0,7
Difficult to say/Undecided yet 19,9 ---
I would not participate 11,1 ---


Application 2

The question concerning the voters’ concern was set as follows:

I will read you the list of issues which some people believe to be important to work out for the President of Ukraine and the Parliament. Please, tell me, which one of the issues below is the most important for the President of Ukraine and the Parliament?

Distribution of responses to the question above is as follows:

  % of all respondents aged 18 and older
Increase of wages, pensions and students’ awards 18,0
Fighting unemployment 13,0
Creating new well-paid-for jobs 12,1
Improvement of economy 12,0
Establishing of lawfulness and ordering in the country 10,5
Fighting poorness 9,9
Fighting corruption 9,0
Rise of prices 5,2
Improvement of Health Care System of Ukraine 3,4
Improvement of relations between Ukraine and Russia 1,7
Ensure Ukraine’s joining the European Union 0,2
Improvement of democracy 0,1
Defending population against National Security Inspectorate and police 0,0
Other 1,7
None of the above 0,9
Difficult to say 2,2

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