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Popularity of logical games in Ukraine

The most famous logical games in Ukraine are draughts and chess. 87% of adult residents of Ukraine know about existence of draughts, 85% know about chess.

Also in Ukraine many people heard about existence of such games as backgammon (47%), poker (46%) and bridge (21%).

Other logical games listed in research are rather exotic for Ukraine: only 4% know about existence of Go game and less than 2% heard about such games as Syogi, Reversi, Kalaha, Rendzyu, Abalon, Syantsi, and Gomoku

The media and trust to Ukrainian and Russian media

The question «How do you find out news about the situation in Ukraine? Please, specify three main sources» 83.5% of the population of Ukraine indicated that the source of such news for them is the Ukrainian TV, for 31% it is Internet sites, for 29% - relatives and acquaintances, for 21% - Russian television, for 29% - Ukrainian newspapers and magazines, for 16% - Ukrainian radio, for 11% - social networks, blogs and for 2% - Russian newspapers and magazines, for 1% - Russian radio.

How heads of District Electoral Commissions evaluate preparation and implementation of early parliamentary elections 2014

October 15, 2014 in UNIAN press conference was held on the theme: "How heads of District Electoral Commissions evaluate preparation and implementation of early parliamentary elections 2014".

Participants of press-conference: Volodymyr Paniotto, Ukrainian sociologist, CEO of Kiev International Institute of Sociology, Professor of Sociology in the University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"; Nazar Boyko, Head of MAG "CIFRA"; Andrii Kashyn, research scientist of Kiev International Institute of Sociology.

In a period from September 30 to October 8, 2014 Kiev International Institute of Sociology along with  Monitoring and analytics group "CIFRA" conducted the survey among the management of District Electoral Commissions. It was the first time, when deputy heads and secretaries of DEC were interviewed about their evaluations of the vote process. 414 respondents from all regions of Ukraine and from Kyiv, representing almost all constituencies of Ukraine were interviewed (184 DEC representatives identified themselves; besides them 34 respondents refused to mention the number of DEC for security reasons). Data were collected using self-completion survey method (273 questionnaires) and with the use of telephone interviews (141 interviews).

How Ukrainians plan to spend their vacations, June, 2014

The survey showed that in May 2014, despite the situation in the country, the number of Ukrainians who were not planning to take vacations has decreased from 68% to 62% since 2013. The number of people who are not able to go anywhere also decreased from 21% to 17% in the same period (the difference is statistically significant). This change may be explained by the absence of Crimea in the survey sample this year.

What do women want?
KIIS gives hints to men what to present to women on March 8 for several years already. Besides, we are interested in the plans of men and we see that they listen to our hints.

According to the results of the poll, similarly to the last year, TOP-6 presents that women would like to receive are flowers, care and attention, romantic trip, jewelry, toilet water or perfume and cosmetics, romantic dinner.