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The attitude of Ukrainians to political information on Ukrainian TV channels
The highest level of Ukrainians' trust in news releases on such channels as 1 + 1, ICTV, STB, Ukraine and local TV channels (33-40%). If we look at the balance of trust and distrust, then the first are the same channels, but Ukraine gives way to the local channel due to a higher level of distrust. For almost all channels, the balance is positive or different from zero within the error margin. 
The lowest balance of trust in news releases on channels 5, Espresso, Direct and NewsOne, the number of those who trust is roughly equal to those who do not trust.
Thoughts and Views of the Ukrainian Population on Judicial Reform: September 2018

Eurointegration strivings of the Ukrainian population and the priority of judicial reform after the Revolution of Dignity

  • In the case of a referendum on EU membership, 47.9% of the country's population would vote "for", 25.1% would vote "against", and 11.5% would abstain and not vote. Another 15.5% of the respondents haven’t decided yet or refused to answer the question. Thus, 65.7% of Ukrainians who would have participated in the referendum would vote for joining the European Union.
  • To the question "Was the reform of Judicial System needed after the Revolution of Dignity in 2013-14?" 40.5% of respondents said that "yes, and this was one of the most urgent tasks." Another 35.2% of respondents chose the option "yes, but this was not the most important task / were other, more relevant reforms." The share of those who believe that there was no need for the reform - 4.6%. Another 19.7% of the respondents haven't decided or refused to answer the question.
Perception of own well-being of the residents of Ukraine in May 2018:

The assessment of the social welfare by the population of Ukraine is negative, the index is -46 (its value may vary from -100 to +100). Compared to 2017, this estimate has slightly increased. Ukrainians are, on average, much more satisfied with their own lives than with the life of the country (the index is higher by 52 points); over the past three years, the index of individual well-being has increased from -8 to +6 and now corresponds to the pre-war level of 2013.

What problems disturb the Ukrainians, May 2018

According to the results of the survey, the majority of respondents (67%) is concerned about the war in the East of Ukraine. Also, among the problems which are of the most concern among the Ukrainians are living standards (54%), the economic situation (42%) and safety of Ukraine (23%).


Stressful situations in the lives of the Ukrainians, 2017

The changes in the situation with stress in the lives of Ukrainians happened over the year is the subject of this press release.

According to a recent KIIS study, 53% of those polled experienced some sort of stressful situation in 2017. Compared to 2016, their number has decreased by 5 percentage points (in 2016 it was 58%). Compared to 2016, the number of those who survived the illness of relatives, death of relatives and lost faith in people has decreased.

The number of those who did not experience any stressful situation increased by 5 percentage points (it was 37% in 2016, it was 42% in 2017).