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Stressful situations in the lives of the Ukrainians, 2017

The changes in the situation with stress in the lives of Ukrainians happened over the year is the subject of this press release.

According to a recent KIIS study, 53% of those polled experienced some sort of stressful situation in 2017. Compared to 2016, their number has decreased by 5 percentage points (in 2016 it was 58%). Compared to 2016, the number of those who survived the illness of relatives, death of relatives and lost faith in people has decreased.

The number of those who did not experience any stressful situation increased by 5 percentage points (it was 37% in 2016, it was 42% in 2017).

Perception of social well-being of the residents of Ukraine in May 2017

Social welfare is worsening due to an increase in the number of those who believe that things in the state are moving in the wrong direction. Individual well-being has not changed a lot.

KIIS has been conducting an annual systematical assessment of two indices for the evaluation and monitoring of public and individual well-being: the Index of social well-being (ISW) and the Index of individual well-being (IIW) for the six years already. Values of indices may range from -100 to 100 points, where -100 stands for the lowest assessment of the situation and dissatisfaction, and 100 - for the highest assessment and overall satisfaction with the situation in the country or in the personal life.
What problems disturb the Ukrainians

As the results of the study show, the vast majority of respondents (72%) are concerned about the war in the East of Ukraine. Also, among the most worrying problems for the Ukrainians are the standard of living (60%), the economic situation (47%) and the security of Ukraine (21%).

Of all the problems mentioned in the question, the least the Ukrainians are concerned about the status of the Russian language in Ukraine (1%) and the relations between the citizens of Ukraine of different nationalities (2%).

Compared to 2016, the level of concern for social problems among citizens has not changed much, but the Ukrainians have become less concerned about the relations with Russia, and criminality.

Stressful situations in the lives of the Ukrainians, 2016

According to the latest KIIS survey, 58% of participants experienced some stressful situation during the last year. Compared to the data of 2015 this percentage decreased by 5 percentage points (it was 64% last year), while the percentages of those who lost the belief in people, and of those who found themselves left with no livelihood slightly increased. The amount of those who became jobless decreased.

The amount of those who did not experience any stressful situation increased by 3 percentage points (from 34% in 2015 to 37% in 2016).

Trust to social institutions

The most trustworthy institutions for the Ukrainians are the church, volunteers and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The least trustworthy are the government of Ukraine, Russian mass-media and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (these institutions` trust rate among the population is less than 10%). In general, the trust rate changed significantly over the past year. There is a tendency for the decrease of the Ukrainians rate of trust toward the social institutions.