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Shadow Economies in Ukraine. Results of the 2019 Survey

Research on the size of shadow economy in Ukraine has been conducted in 2019 by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology under H2020 Project SHADOW, which financed by the European Commission (GA no. 778188).

The task of the project is an exploration of the nature of informal economies and shadow practices in the former USSR region.

Оцінка населенням України деяких політичних подій вересня 2019 року

Абсолютна більшість українців схвалюють скасування недоторканості народних депутатів України (89%), суддів (85%) та Президента України (77%). Разом з тим, майже 40% погоджуються, що скасування депутатської недоторканності збільшить залежність депутатів від президента України і зробить їх менш вільними у відстоюванні інтересів своїх виборців в Раді (50% не згодні з цим).

Більше половини населення не схвалюють скасування мораторію на продаж землі (52%). За думкою 64% українців, питання продажу землі сільськогосподарського призначення має вирішуватися на референдумі.

How consumers evaluate the quality of gas, energy, and heating supply. KIIS Research
  • 94% are satisfied with the continuity of gas supply (including 79% who are fully satisfied), 1% are dissatisfied;
  • 73% are satisfied with the continuity of heating supply (including 50% who are fully satisfied), 9% are dissatisfied;
  • 73% are satisfied with the continuity of electricity supply (including 48% who are fully satisfied), 9% are dissatisfied.
Public opinion of Ukraine on the 28th year of independence of the state

A nationwide public opinion poll was conducted by Kiev International Institute of sociology  by order the Ilko Kucheriv “Democratic Initiatives” Foundation in collaboration with the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology on August 8-20, 2019. The survey was conducted in 103 settlements (PSUs) in all oblasts of Ukraine except for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. In the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, the polls were conducted only in the territories controlled by Ukraine. A total of 2040 respondents were interviewed, those polled represent the adult population of Ukraine (over 18 years) by their characteristics. The sampling error does not exceed 2.3%.

The poll is financially supported by the International Renaissance Foundation. Some questions were included by the request of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms.

To compare changes in public opinion, the results of surveys conducted at different times by the DI Foundation together with its partners - the Razumkov Center and the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, as well as some monitoring data of the Institute of Sociology of NAS of Ukraine, are included.

Satisfaction with different aspects of life and how life is going on in general

Out of various aspects of life, satisfaction with which was evaluated in the study, the majority of the Ukrainians are satisfied with their family, children, relationships with people around, personal life and their knowledge and skills. In particular, 77% are more or less satisfied with their family, 9% are more or less dissatisfied (the average satisfaction rate on a scale from 1 "completely unsatisfactory" to 5   “completely satisfactory” is 4.3 points). Also, 78% are satisfied with the behavior of their children, the development of children`s personal qualities, 6% of those who have kids are not satisfied (the average is 4.3). Further, 77% are satisfied with their behavior towards other people, 4% are not satisfied (the average is 4.2); 76% are satisfied with the attitude they receive from others, 6% are not satisfied (the average is 4.2). Also, 70% are satisfied with their knowledge, experience, skills, 7% are not satisfied (the average is 4.1); 63% are satisfied with their personal (intimate) life, 10% are not satisfied (the average is 4.1).