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How relations between Ukraine and Russia should look like? Public opinion polls results

  • In Ukraine, as well as in Russia  majority of respondents  wants both countries to be independent, but friendly  - with open borders, without visas and customs houses (in Ukraine – 68%, in Russia – 59%). In Ukraine  with numbers  have decreased  since November, 2013 by 5%, in Russia – increased  by 4%.
  • Integration with  Russia into a single state   is supported by 12% of respondents in Ukraine, and  during recent years  this number has decreased from 20% to 9%,  but after Maidan – increased by 3%.  The main part of  supporters of this idea of unification with Russia is in the East (26%) and South (19%), while the smallest part is in the Center (5%) and West (1%) of Ukraine.  By regions  majority of integration with Russia in one state  is in Crimea  (41%), Donetsk district (33%), Lugansk district (24%), Odessa district (24%), Zaporizhzhya (17%) and Kharkiv  (15%) districts, but even there  support  to the current status of relations  with Russia   - as two independent and  friendly  states – prevails. 
  • Among Russians  desire to have Ukraine and Russia as two independent and friendly states (with open borders, without visas and customs houses) prevails as well as among Ukrainians (68% and 63% respectively). Integration into one state is supported  by 9% of Ukrainians and 32% of Russians. There is direct dependence  between  desire to unite with Russia into  a single state and age of respondents:  among youth   up to 30 years old  5% want this unification to be realized, among people of 30-54 years old – 11% support that, and  among people older than 55 years – 17%.
  •  It is obvious, that among supporters of joining the Custom Union, there is more people supporting unification  with Russia  (26,5%), than among  those, oriented on joining the EU (1%). However,  even among supporters of entering the Custom Union  majority   wants  to preserve the status-quo in relations with Russia (69%). Among  people, having negative attitude towards Maidan,  only 21% wants to unite with Russia into a single state.
  • Among supporters of political parties  the highest percentage  of people, who wants join Ukraine to join Russia, is among  communists’ electorate  (35,5%), but even in this case majority  consider that Ukraine and Russia should be friendly independent states (63%). Among  Party of Regions  voters 28% support unification with Russia.
  • In Russia  16% of population support  unification with Ukraine into one state.

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