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Organizers: Media Center Ukraine - Ukrinform.

Participants: Ruslan rechanyk - First Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine; Chloe Allio - Head of the Department of External Assistance Programs “Economic Cooperation, Energy, Infrastructure and the Environment”, EU Delegation to Ukraine; Ivelina Dilovska - Director of the APENA 2 Project; Viktoriia Zakhozha - Deputy Director of KIIS; Tetiana Tymochko - Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League; Olena Lobova - Chairman of the Board of the NGO Change Communication; Ivetta Delikatna - APENA2 Project Communication Expert.

Briefly. During the event, the results of the survey "Opinions and views of the population of Ukraine on the environmental consequences of the war", conducted in May 2022, will be presented. The key task of the research was to assess the level of interest of Ukrainians in the consequences of the war for the environment, to identify Ukrainians' perception of the criticality of these consequences for themselves and the country, to identify sources of information about the environmental consequences of the war, level of awareness on this topic. 

Event format - offline (Hall 1). 

Journalists will be able to ask questions offline (Hall 1) and in the chat of broadcast on YouTube. 

Journalists are asked to arrive half an hour before the event. 

Accreditation of media representatives:

Accreditation will last until 11:30 on June 10, to confirm, you must specify the name, surname, title of the edition. 

The event will be broadcast on Ukrinform's YouTube channel: 

Ukrinform address: Kyiv, street Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, 8/16

Use of any materials from the official Ukrinform YouTube channel is possible only if the copyright established by the channel is respected. Demonstrating the video during the live broadcast, it is necessary to refer to the author - Ukrinform - show its name on the screen and say it out loud.

Final materials:

Among the environmental consequences of the war, Ukrainians are most frightened by radiation pollution and mining - research

Among the critical consequences for the country's ecology, Ukrainians call the spread of toxic substances, destruction of protected areas and pollution of water bodies. However, the greatest concerns are the possibility of radiation pollution and the consequences of mining.

These the results of the survey "Thoughts and views of the population of Ukraine on the environmental consequences of the war" were announced during an expert discussion held at Ukrinform.

Thus, half of Ukrainians are most concerned about the possibility of radiation contamination in the event of shelling of nuclear power plants. As an consequence for the country as a whole, such an assumption was expressed by 56.4%, as a consequence for themselves personally this consequence was determined by 50.9% of respondents.

39.5% (impact on the country) and 31.1% (personal concerns) of Ukrainians are afraid of mining agricultural lands and forest plantations.

The third most likely consequence is the spread of toxic substances due to shelling of oil depots, gas storage facilities and chemical facilities - 36.5% and 27.2%, respectively.

According to researchers, the least critical consequence of Ukrainians for themselves and for the country, see air pollution and littering. Interestingly, that the problem of air pollution was assessed only by young people – pupils and students. In general, most Ukrainians in the age groups of 30-49 and 18-21, with an average level of income, are concerned about environmental issues in Ukraine.

According to the survey, only half (50%) of Ukrainians believe that the level of informing the population about the environmental consequences of the war is sufficient. 43% of respondents said that they probably do not have enough information on this issue, which, according to researchers, is an important factor in strengthening the communication component of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine.

As reported, according to the Ministry of Environment, as of May 24, 254 cases of ecocide were confirmed and 1,500 cases of destruction of the Ukrainian environment as a result of military aggression by the Russian Federation were reported. Preliminary damage caused by the Russian invaders only to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone exceeds UAH 2.5 billion.




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