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On June 28, 2022, in the "Ukrinform" information agency, the public organization "Life" presented the results of a survey conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) regarding the use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes among the population of Ukraine and attitudes to anti-tobacco measures.

In Ukraine, from July 11, the provisions of Law No. 1978, which prohibits the smoking of electronic cigarettes in public places, and also gives the right to local authorities to designate places free of smoking, come into force.

People's deputy, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Health Lada Bulakh said this during a press conference in Ukrinform.

"The newest norms of this law enter into force in their order. I will dwell on three of them, which on July 11 will already be de jure implemented in the lives of both people and legal entities in Ukraine. The first, most important goal of this law is to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco, ban smoking in public places, use of any kind of nicotine-containing products for smoking, or those that burn or those that are heated. The second norm that comes into force is the ban on smoking and the elimination of smoking areas. This is a rudimentary, archaic norm, when the state obliged every entrepreneur to have such a place, even if no one in his team smokes. We cancel this norm because there is no safe smoking. The third norm is the right for village, settlement, and city councils to create non-smoking areas on a permanent basis," Bulakh said.

According to her, such places can be, for example, a pedestrian street where many people spend time, a square or a place near a hospital, etc.

The People's Deputy emphasized that such an expansion of the list of public places, according to the KIIS poll from May 2022, was supported by 85.6% of citizens, and the ban on the use of TPEHs in public places was supported by 80.1%. Also, 91% of respondents supported the ban on the sale of electronic smoking devices to minors. This, according to Bulakh, indicates support in society for the policy of a smoke-free space.

Thus, according to Law No. 1978, it is prohibited to smoke, consume and use tobacco products, items related to their use, herbal products for smoking, electronic cigarettes, devices for consuming tobacco products without burning them, hookahs in premises and on the territory of educational institutions, health care institutions, sports and physical culture and health facilities, in the premises of catering establishments, cultural destinations, hotels and similar means of accommodation of citizens, dormitories, premises of enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, bodies of state power and local self-government.

The ban also applies to airport premises, playgrounds, railway stations and stations, public transport stops, common areas in residential buildings, underpasses, elevators, payphones, in public transport and taxis.

For smoking tobacco products in places where it is prohibited by law, and in places that are determined by the decisions of local councils, it entails a warning or the imposition of a fine in the amount of 51-170 UAH. In case of repeated violation within a year — UAH 170-340 in accordance with Art. 175-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

Also, in public places that are free of smoking, an appropriate graphic sign with a text regarding the prohibition of smoking, consumption and use of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, devices for consuming tobacco products without burning them and hookahs must be placed. Non-disclosure of this information by business entities entails a fine of UAH 1,000.

Also, a fine of UAH 3,000 is provided for restaurants and catering establishments that place ashtrays, hookahs or smoking, in case of repeated violation — UAH 15,000, for other business entities — UAH 1,000, in case of repeated violation — UAH 10,000.

As Acting general director of the directorate of public health and disease prevention of the Ministry of Health Oleksii Danylenko reported at the press conference, currently a working group has been created for the implementation of this law, which is developing a number of changes to regulatory and legal acts.

In particular, as Danylenko said, the texts and illustrations of combined medical warnings about the harm of smoking on tobacco products will be approved, the order on approval of the list of substances harmful to human health that are part of tobacco products, will be unified forms of acts of state supervision on control of compliance by business entities with the requirements of legislation in the field of prevention and reduction of tobacco smoking, work is also underway on the procedure for publishing information about tobacco products.

Yurii Sakhno, chief specialist of the Department of Control over Advertising and Compliance with Anti-Tobacco Legislation of the State Production and Consumer Service, emphasized that despite the fact that from February 2022, unscheduled inspections of business entities are prohibited, citizens can file a complaint, based on these appeals, the business entity will be included in the annual the plan of scheduled inspections for compliance with the requirements of the law. You can file a complaint against a business entity that violates these legal norms on the website of the State Production and Consumer Service.

As reported, Law No. 1978 on Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Public Health Protection from the Harmful Effects of Tobacco was adopted on December 16, 2021.


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