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Self-assessment of the health state of the population of Ukraine, April, 2021

The Kyiv International Institute of Sociology has been monitoring the dynamics of self-assessment of the state of health of the population of Ukraine since 1995. According to surveys data, over the past few years there has been a tendency to gradually increase the share of healthy (self-assessed) residents of Ukraine: if in 2013-2015 about 40% of Ukrainians considered themselves healthy, then, starting from 2016, this figure increased in 2019 -2020 was about 50%. However, a year and a half in a pandemic probably affected the health and well-being of Ukrainians: according to a 2021 survey, 40% of respondents assess their own health as good, and 14% - as bad.


Знання та оцінка благодійної діяльності фонду Ріната Ахметова
Представляємо результати дослідження КМІС щодо знання та оцінки роботи Фонду Ріната Ахметова. Досліддення проводилося  в період з 6-26 листопада 2020 року.

61% українців та 91% жителів Донбасу вважають, що допомога Фонду Ріната Ахметова медичній системі в протидії пандемії COVID-19 є критично важливою.
Обізнаність українців щодо аварії на Чорнобильській АЕС

Більшість респондентів (69%) змогли пригадати принаймні рік, в якому відбулася аварія. Проте, лише трохи більше половини опитаних (52%) знають точну дату.  Незважаючи на те, що опитування проводилось у дати, близькі до роковин аварії, майже третина населення України (31%) не змогли пригадати рік аварії, майже половина населення (48%) на знають точну дату.

У порівнянні з опитуванням, яке проводилося рік тому, частка українців, які змогли пригадати точну дату аварії на ЧАЕС зросла з 40% до 52%, а частка тих, хто знає принаймні рік майже не змінилася (опитування 2020 року зафіксувало 68% таких українців). 

There are more patients with Covid-19 in Ukraine than according to official statistics! Opinions of the population of Ukraine on the problems of the COVID-19 pandemic: assessment of morbidity, risk of infection and attitudes to vaccination

To the question "Have you already been sick or are you currently suffering from COVID 19? / Why do you think it's COVID 19 - did the tests or just by the symptoms?", 65% of therespondents answered that they were not sick, 29% - that they were sick. Of those who were sick, 17% did the test, 12% - experienced symptoms.

To the question"Are you in person ready to get vaccinated in the next few months?", 43% answered that they are ready, 53% - that they are not ready. Compared to March, the attitude to vaccination improved: the number of people ready to be vaccinated increased by 10 percentage points (from 33% to 43%), and the number of those not ready - decreased by 9 percentage points (from 62% to 52%).

How Ukrainians will celebrate Easter in a pandemic?

In this study, we asked respondents the question “Will you celebrate Easter on May 2? If so, how exactly?”

92% of the population somehow plan to celebrate Easter, only 6% will not celebrate (and 2% are undecided).

Among the entire adult population of Ukraine, one in five (19%) plans to go to church on Easter, and 9% - to take part in the all-night service.

The majority of the population of Ukraine does not plan to go to church on Easter. 69% of the population of Ukraine plan to cook Easter meals at home, 25% plan to pray in the family circle, and host guests relatives at home – 19%.