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Dynamics of changes in the attitude of the population of Ukraine toward Russia, and in the attitude of the population of Russia toward Ukraine: April, 2008 – May, 2016

According to the latest KIIS study, attitudes of the Ukrainians toward Russia split almost equally: share of those who are positively minded to Russia (42%) and share of those who feel bad about it (43%) are the same, the difference is not statistically significant. Also 67% of the Ukrainians hold a positive attitude toward residents of Russia, and 8% - toward the leadership of Russia. According to a parallel studies by KIIS and Levada Center, attitudes of the Ukrainians toward Russia and of the Russians toward Ukraine became more positive. However, the Ukrainians` attitude toward Russia is better than the attitude of the Russians toward Ukraine.

70% of Donbas residents believe the region will be restored in 10 years – KIIS

On July 6 at the round table Volodymyr Paniotto, CEO of KIIS, and Maryna Shpiker, KIIS junior research fellow, presented data of the representative sociological study in Donetsk oblast` (region) that was held by KIIS on the request of Humanitarian center “Dopomozhemo”.


Well-being of the residents of Ukraine in May, 2016: Economic issues and happiness despite difficulties

In May, 2016 average value of ISW was -59 while value of IIW was much higher - -8. Such immense difference shows that despite all difficulties the Ukrainians are generally much more satisfied with their own life than with the situation in the country.

Україна -25: досягнення та поразки

Дані спільного дослідження КМІС та Фонду "Демократичні ініціатиіви" імені Ілька Кучеріва

Якби референдум за незалежність України відбувався у серпні 2016 року, за акт про незалежність проголосували б 87%  серед тих, хто взяв би у ньому участь – результат, аналогічний отриманому в  опитуванні КМІС напередодні референдуму 1991 року (89%). Водночас ці результати істотно кращі, ніж були в опитуваннях  2006 і  2011 рр.  (у 2006 р. 70% – «за» незалежність, 30% – «проти»; у 2011 р. – відповідно, 67% і 33%).

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