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Interview with Svitlana Khutka for the Channel of Ukraine`s International Television, Ua|Tv
Svitlana Khutka, scientific director of “Sotsialni indykatory (Social indicators)” center and KIIS expert, gave an interview to Ukraine`s international television channel UA|TV. In the interview, she presented KIIS poll data on the religiosity of the population and the attitude to the creation of the united local church.

Interview with Volodymyr Paniotto for the new TV-channel “KRYM-krytychne myslennia”
Big interview with Volodymyr Paniotto for the new TV-channel "KRYM-krytychne myslennia (CRIMEA-critical thinking)”.
Statement of the sociological association of Ukraine

The professional community of sociologists is concerned about the growing number of fake and non-professional sociological data coming to the media and the Internet due to the approaching elections. The media platforms publish these data with references to unknown or little-known centers without the necessary methodological information that is needed to assess the quality of data. Sometimes major newspapers and magazines and leading television channels publish polls of 20,000 respondents that were made in 1 day by centers that do not describe how respondents were selected and how data were collected. Little-known or unknown organizations conduct press conferences presenting the results of pseudo-polls. Often such centers and organizations do not have own websites, and if they do, then these sites do not contain information about the previous researches, managers, staff and contacts. All this leads to the inflation of the value of professional sociological information and does not allow the population of Ukraine to separate the real assessment of public opinion from its imitation.


В.Паніотто: Закон про мову краще приймати після виборів, коли рівень довіри до влади ще високий

Велике інтерв'ю з генеральним директором КМІС Володимира Паніотто в інтернет-виданні "Українська правда"