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Self-assessment of the health`s state by the population of Ukraine
Kyiv International Institute of Sociology monitors the dynamics of self-assessment of the state of health among the Ukrainians since 1995. Survey data show that over the past five years, the state of health of Ukrainian residents remains virtually unchanged: in comparison with 2013, research does not record either improvement or a statistically significant deterioration in how Ukrainian residents assess their own health status. However, if compared with 1995, it is noticeable that the level of the health self-esteem has increased.
Interview with V.Paniotto for the online media “Glavkom”

"We are being attacked after each rating publication."

KIIS announced that from now on it will publish ratings every month, including the presidential ones. Given that now more than 28% are undecided with the choice, and the leaders are trampling at 10-15% of support, what value will the results of these studies have, except for that they will be used by the candidates themselves for manipulations?

KIIS report "Work on Digital Labour Platforms in Ukraine: Issues and Policy Perspectives"
The surveys focused specifically on working conditions of online platform workers in Ukraine. Most of these workers refer to themselves as “freelancers”. They find work through digital labour platforms that is posted by clients from Ukraine and from other countries. The work can last from several minutes to several months; it is not classified legally as an employment relationship. This means that the working conditions of these “freelancers” remain outside the scope of labour regulation.

This report is based on two surveys, a qualitative and a quantitative one, conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) on request of the International Labour Office in September-December 2017.
Відбувся розіграш цінних призів, вітаємо переможців!
15 серпня 2018 року відбувся розіграш цінних призів (напівавтоматичних тонометрів) серед учасників панельного онлайн опитування "Емоційне здоров'я населення України: 15 років потому". Вітаємо переможців!