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Socio-political orientations of the population of Ukraine: October 2020

From October 17 to 24, 2020, KIIS conducted a CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews) survey based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers. The aim of the research was to study the domestic and foreign policy orientations of the citizens of Ukraine and to find out the current presidential and party ratings.

The sample is representative for the adult population (18 years and older) of Ukraine. The sample does not include territories that are temporarily not controlled by the authorities of Ukraine - the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. 1502 interviews were conducted during the survey. The statistical error of the sample (with a probability of 0.95 and without taking into account the design effect) does not exceed: 2.6% for indicators close to 50%, 2.2% - for indicators close to 25%, 1.7% - for indicators close to 10%, 1.1% - for indicators close to 5%.

After the results were processed, respondents were contacted again on November 5-8, 2020, to re-ask questions about voting in the Verkhovna Rada elections. A total of 1083 respondents re-participated in the survey (statistical error with a probability of 0.95 and without taking into account the design effect does not exceed 3%).

In the attached Presentation can be found the main results of the research.

Also in the Annex formulations and detailed distributions of answers to the considered questions are given (in the regional context and in the context of the main electorates of Ukraine).

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