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Information campaigns are an effective tool to warn young people about the dangers of electronic smoking devices. KIIS research

On March 31, 2021, on the "Ukrinform" online platform a press event organized by the NGO "Life" took place, where were presented the results of the KIIS survey on the effectiveness of the information campaign "Safe smoking does not exist", as well as awareness of young people about the risks of using electronic smoking devices.

During November 2020 - January 2021, the NGO "Life" together with the Center for Public Health conducted a national information campaign "Safe smoking does not exist" with the support of the Global Health Organization «Vital Strategies»

Ставлення українців до вакцинування і можливого карантину, березень 2021


  • 36% населення ймовірно мали чи мають хворих у своєму домогосподарстві

  • 16% українців вважають, що ризик захворіти на COVID 19 у найближчі 6 місяців високий, 39%, що середній,  а 31% - що низький

  • 33% населення готові робити щеплення у найближчі місяці, 61% - не готові; головна причина небажання робити щеплення – недовіра до вакцини (54% серед тих, хто не готовий вакцинуватися)

  • 57% погоджується на запровадження 'жорсткого карантину' (локдауну)  в Україні якщо захворюваність зростатиме, 40% не погоджується

  • 45% населення ставляться позитивно до першочергової вакцинації публічних осіб і 25% негативно (схожі результати щодо політиків) 

Almost a year with the pandemic: the results of an international Gallup research

People around the world are still mobilized against the threat, hoping for vaccines. However, the potential problems are becoming more significant. 

Assessments of government action in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic are still quite high, but they are gradually declining. Compared to last spring, the threat of the disease is also considered significant, but today people in most countries find it somewhat exaggerated. Travel restrictions are widely recognized as a means of combating a pandemic. Human rights sacrifices are also present, but not without criticism. Attitudes towards vaccines are very positive, although the shadow of doubt remains significant and even dominates in a number of countries.

Stress situations in the lives of Ukrainians, 2020

According to a KIIS survey, two-thirds (67%) of respondents experienced some sort of stressful situation during 2020. This is significantly more than in the period 2017-2019, when 50-53% of respondents experienced stress. Compared to all previous years of measurements (2013-2019), in 2020 there is a relatively highest proportion of those who survived a serious illness or death of relatives (16% of respondents), as well as those who lost their jobs (13%). Compared to 2019, in 2020 it became more of those who lost faith in people, faced meanness (there were 6% in 2019, became 10% in 2020), and those who found themselves without means of subsistence (there were 3%, became 6%). At the same time, both in 2019 and in 2020, compared to 2013-2018, a significantly smaller share of those who felt helpless or lost faith in their own strength.

Index of happiness: in the world and in Ukraine

The research in question has been conducted by the Gallup International Association of Independent Research Agencies since 1947 in 42 countries, including Ukraine for some time. Romir Research Holding is a representative of this association throughout the post-Soviet space, and in Ukraine this year this research was conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) together with the “Democratic Initiatives” Foundation 

Comment of  the KIIS Director General V. Paniotto watch on the KIIS YouTube channel